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melissa mowry

is an east coast based director, performer, and theatre maker. She is passionate about uplifting  the voices and experiences of Black and Brown women and immigrants in her work. 


"Skeleton Crew" by Dominique Morisseau

Photo credit: Nicole Combeau

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 "Threads" by Mehrnaz Tiv

Summer 2022

Workshop at The Entertainment Community Fund

Exploring Monologues Workshop 

 In this 4-week workshop, participants will explore and prepare monologues by engaging in a low-stakes "actors playground" to explore and deepen their connection with their monologues, and then shape their pieces into performance ready material. 

"Humanity's legacy of story

and storytelling is the most

precious we have. All wisdom is in our stories and songs."

- Doris Lessing


 "The Audition" by Neil Simon

- Jon Lindley from "A Seat on the Aisle"


about the production of Skeleton Crew at Summit Performance Indianapolis

"Director Melissa Mowry has tuned this cast and the production as a whole with a precision and poise that express her own artistry and fine craftsmanship."